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Hussein Amin
2017-11-21 21:10:14 UTC
Now this:

"Last Friday, the Busoga Parliament (Lukiiko) amended the Constitution of
Busoga Kingdom to allow the current Kyabazinga, Mr. William Wilberforce
Kadumbula Nadiope Gabula IV, to rule for life. It was Bunyha Chiefdom
representative, Mathias Mutatyama, who tabled the motion that paves the way
for life Kyabazingaship."

Firstly, I would really like to hear the opinion of the Basoga people on
this matter. Personally, I have always maintained that the problem is not
about age. Not even about Life Presidency if that is what the people
decide. It is simply crooked for one to alter pre-existing law to suit
their own ambitions. I once suggested that as a solution, any such changes
should not benefit the sitting leader. This is what needs to be clearly
stipulated within a constitution so as to prevent abuse of the very
Constitution. It is a serious conflict of interest issue that any person
with integrity would understand. Uganda is currently undergoing the second
time that the 1995 Constitution is unscrupulously being changed for an
On the other hand there are many Basoga (and people from other Kingdoms as
well) who are publicly claiming that they are against the principle of Life
leadership. They have also confused it with the issue of age. I now wonder
how they make sense to themselves after such a development in their own
villages/tribes. Cultural leaders who were here long before democracy, are
proof that Life Presidency is not an African problem even today. Cultural
leaders are also proof that age is not a problem. But the unscrupulous
changing of rules that society has agreed to, and applying principles
differently wether in the cultural or national arena is a definite problem.
Isn't it all part of the selective application of principles based on who
and where in leadership such changes are being applied?
Or maybe I need Mr. Mathias Mutatyama (who proposed the Life Kyabazingaship
bill), or a political scientist from Busoga to come and enlighten us on
this point on behalf of Kyabazinga William Wilberforce Kadumbula Nadiope
Gabula IV.

Full story on Life Kyabazingaship here: edge.ug/2017/11/21/nadio