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Charles Male
2018-01-16 21:19:42 UTC
Thanks you Driliga and Winfred Adukule for your quick response to my
request for the Birth Registration Act. Much appreciated!

Happy New Year to you both!

Interesting piece of legislation modeled after another international

I notice the Act came into force on 26 Mar 2015 which is the date the
President of the Republic gave his Assent.

Does anyone know whether the accompanying regulations and policies are in
place to help/guide the civil servants implementing the law?

Is there any massive citizen education taking place to inform citizens of
the mandatory aspects of this law?

For example:

Part V – Registration of Births

1. Article 28 – Compulsory registration of births – Subject to this
Act, registration of every birth within Uganda is free and compulsory.

Part Vi – Registration of Deaths

2. Article 41 – Compulsory registration of births – Subject to this
Act, registration of every death within Uganda is free and compulsory.

Part VIII –Compulsory Registration

3. Article 54 S1 – The following persons shall register with the

a. Citizens of Uganda resident in or outside Uganda.. WOW 
residing outside Uganda???

4. Art 57 – Cancellation of registration

5. S1 The Authority shall cancel the registration of a person where a
person has ceased under the law to be a citizen of Uganda
. WOW!!!

Do we know if this is already taking place? Are births / deaths being
registered in the District?

How is this taking place in the villages?

Who determines the cause of death?

There are certainly many holes in the law but this can be fixed through
amendments to the specific articles and sections that need the changes.

For example :

Part V: Article 29 Registration of Birth Section 2
Upon registration of a
birth by a registration officer, the Authority will allocate a National
Identification Number to a child as a citizen of Uganda or Alien
Identification Number to a child identified as an alien – OH my FOOT!!!
Should any child born on Ugandan soil NOT be automatically a Ugandan
citizen??? If the Americans had insisted that President Obama be given his
father’s nationality, he would never have become President of the USA OR
ANY OTHER COUNTRY !! Or former Chairman of the joint Chiefs of Staff, Colin
Powell would never assent to the top post in the US military if he was
given his immigrant father's nationality not the USA citizenship he was
given by virtue of being born on American soil! Or worse still NO black
American or Canadian would be an American or Canadian or Europen country
citizen because one or both of the parents would still be considered an

Part V: Art 32 Section 2a
 requirement for weight or disability at birth

who takes the weight of children in village births?

Or in Section 2b) level of education, profession or occupation of mother
and previous births?? What has this information got to do with the fact
that a child is born? This is irrelevant information!!!

Ditto for father in S2c.

Part VI, Art 44 Section 4 : A death shall not be registered after the
expiration of 3 months from the death except upon the applicant complying
with such requirements as may be provided for in regulations 


And what do the regulations say.

 please find the time to read this Law
easy read -- only 57 pages.
Lots of good information there but I believe a lot more needs to be done to
ensure every everyone in Uganda knows the significance of this piece of
legislation. Would love to hear your reactions to the law, especially from
those of who have had babies born or a relative die on or after March 26 –
the day when the law entered into force. Do you know about the law? Have
taken steps to register a child born to you after March 26?




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Happy new year
I have seen someone requesting for this act on kobokonet and i did not
figure it well whether is you or another Charles