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Hussein Amin
2017-12-24 01:34:29 UTC
The festive season is here. My mother First Lady Kay Amin (pictured) was a
devout Christian who raised us with all these traditions. So I grew up with
religious tolerance as my default setting contrary to many who preach
sectarianism and would like Muslims not to associate themselves with
Christians during the festive season. Anyway everyone makes their choices.
The other reason why this is a special time for me is because I was born on
this day 24th December, Christmas Eve. Whenever my late mother used to
organize children's parties every Christmas Eve, there would always be a
cake with candles for me to blow during the party. To this day I tend to
automatically associate Christmas with my own birthday.
My late mother made sure she always invited different schools for the
tradition before she was brutally murdered.
Her death was planned at the highest level of the Milton Obote coalition
that was hiding in Daresalaam. They drafted a list of prominent people
working with President Amin. They then went on to assassinate everyone on
that list.
They conspired with foreign agents in the international media to cover
their crime by first trying to blame it on my father, then when that
failed, they claimed it was a doctor.
They then repeated it continuously enough across the world to make it
appear as the truth of history. In reality they were not only covering
their asses with lies but they also conspired to tarnish my father's name
with a crime they committed. Her death was therefore used to further their
political agenda against my father.
Nothing will change what I know of how she was abducted in broad daylight
by four men at her private home before being discovered dead by chance by
police in the boot of a vehicle later in the evening as the criminals tried
to dispose of the body. This was the tactic they had reportedly used on
several other prominent Ugandans who disappeared in exactly the same way at
the time.
She had attempted to call security when she noticed something wasn't right
outside the house, but they arrived just a minute after the kidnap vehicle
had turned the corner and vanished. This led to a major manhunt in the city.
So my innocent mother's death occurred squarely in the context of the
political greed for power in this country. When news of her death reached
my father and was broadcast to the public, it literally brought the entire
country to a standstill for two whole weeks.
But today she rests quietly at a small church cemetery in the village where
she was herself born.
While for me Christmas eve is the day when I simply found myself in
existence, my mother is the person I remember most every year during the
holiday season because of how she made sure I celebrate this day every year
with others. Surely for her, like for all mother's, birthday celebrations
are a time for fond memories of the person they raised with love and care
into a mature member of society. I remember her today as the person who
gave me and my siblings life, and who did her best for women and children
of Uganda as she strived to contribute to the well-being and emancipation
of Ugandan women plus better education for all children. She wanted women
to be just as productive in modern society as men. She wanted them to break
from regressive social behaviours and embrace leading roles in public
administration, business, and industry. As the first ever person to start
affirmative action in Uganda in favour of women, my father then started a
deliberate crusade of appointing many educated women in government thanks
to my mothers insistence. This they never put it on historical record.
Being an educated woman herself, First Lady Kay Amin literally pinpointed
many promising women, many of whom she had studied with or simply heard of
personally during her scholarly and professional days as bright and
enterprising women.
She never looked at ones tribe or political background. All she wanted was
That is how Amin appointed the first woman ever to become a cabinet
minister in the Uganda government. The first ever woman ambassador to the
Vatican was an Acholi lady also appointed by Amin.
No other country in the world had ever considered a woman to head their
Vatican Embassy until Amin did so first. Madame Bernadette Olwo was again
later appointed as Ambassador to Germany. Today she remains active in the
international NGO world helping women, girls and the poor. I was surprised
to see her in the news a couple of years back at Gayaza High School reunion
party. Surprisingly all governments that came after President Amin refused
to re-appoint her, including the Obote regime, yet she was a qualified and
competent career diplomat under public service.
My father also appointed Uganda's first ever female pilots and the
country's first ever female judge, Justice Kikonyogo who past away just a
few weeks ago.
At this juncture rather than celebrate myself on this my birthday, I simply
want to celebrate my parents, especially my mother, who played her role in
leading me to the person I am today. I thank both of them for all their
efforts and I pray that their souls rest in eternal peace.
Wishing everyone happy holidays and may God Almighty guide and bless all of
you abundantly this coming year. May this be the year when Ugandans come
out from under the quagmire of politics of self, and become a people with
leaders who have a higher purpose for this nation. Ugandans have wasted
alot of time following what our leaders say and forgetting to monitor what
they actually do.
The gap between the two is humongous.
That is why the reality shows that the people are being made to just go
round and round in endless circles and even regressing on many fronts in
the last two decades.
We need to have a carefully thought review of ourselves as a country and
understand for ourselves which direction we are being taken.
We also now have to decide that any politician who does not have the spine,
the character and the commitment to lead the people towards a clear, more
prosperous, and more free society in this country must be immediately
rejected. When people elect sycophants who once in parliament go to serve
their master and forget you the people who chose them, then who is to blame?
We therefore have to lift our own standards higher beyond the salt and
sugar that voters are bribed with to accept mediocre and incompetent people
as their representatives.
There are lessons to learn from every experience. And the events we have
lived as a nation in the last month are telling not only about our leaders,
but also about ourselves as a society that is plagued with greed,
ignorance, stagnation, wastefulness, indiscipline and foolery.
And nobody is telling the disadvantaged people of this country how to
emancipate themselves from the mental slavery that is causing this state of
Obviously many leaders appear to need the lessons themselves.
May God help us overcome all the major obstacles in the coming year.
Those who have travelled for the holidays may you be safe and return in
good health. The economy needs you.

Thank you! Happy holidays and God Bless you all.