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Hussein Amin
2017-10-10 16:20:19 UTC
Picture (attached): Dictators Milton Obote and Yoweri Museveni.

A comparison through the historic events that Uganda is re-living today:

- Obote ordered the army to storm a Kings palace and topple the King. So
did Museveni order the assault on a Kings palace last year during the
Kasese Massacre terror.
- Obote forcibly changed the constitution so that he can be declared
president. So is Museveni attempting to stay at state House beyond 2021 by
engineering self-interest changes to the constitution
- Both Obote and Museveni are known for mass electoral fraud and election
rigging where they deploy entire battalions of soldiers (their tribal
militia) on the streets across the country to quash any attempts of dissent
by the people of Uganda.
- Obote also ordered the army to surround the parliament and coerce the
peoples representatives to pass his own "pigeon hole constitution" 1966.
Museveni is doing the same today and even going a step further by sending
his militia onto the floor of parliament to physically remove dissenting
representatives by force (manu militari).
- Obote is therefore the person who ushered in military rule (rule by the
gun) during the 1966 crisis. A practice also followed by his student
Museveni today while both pretend and claim to be popular with the people.
- When asked about it later, Obote said that he had nothing to do with all
the above. Museveni is saying the same in regards to the age limit debate.
The only difference is that Obote claimed in an outrageous lie that 1966
was all orchestrated by Amin. Unfortunately for Museveni, he cannot say the
same lie today.
But we all know that a few years later, both Museveni and Obote were
conducting sabotage, assassinations and insecurity to distabilize the Amin
government in vain.
Isn't it Museveni himself who attempted to assassinate my father at Nsambya
police barracks but because his left arm is broken, he can't shoot straight
and even failed to throw a grenade properly, and ultimately had to run for
his own life, fleeing at break-neck speed via Kibuli? But how many Ugandans
did he abduct and then murder in vain through similar missions against the
Amin government?
It is only the intervention of Tanzania that brought Museveni and Obote
back to Uganda together.
However, the Oboteism that many Museveni apologists are saying could return
if Museveni leaves power, that Oboteism is already here and is being
practiced by Museveni himself since the 1970's: Women dying mysteriously
today with indications that it is actually the Museveni militia behind the
serial killings. A gruesome diversionary attempt to distract Ugandans from
the actual rape of the constitution.
So we have a deadly Museveni dictatorship of "majje" hiding under sheep
skin of elections, a common trait to both Museveni and Obote. Then the
constant unkept promises and the now unlaughable lies about him leaving
politics. He first said he was leaving leadership in 1990, then he changed
and said 1994, then 2005, then 2016.
What conscience such an old man have sincerely? This behaviour is probably
a shame to all the elderly given the respectability that we as a society
usually see them in.
Museveni has clamped down on freedom of conscience, killing the
independence of all arms of government, mysterious deaths of opponents like
Nebanda, Mayombo, Ayume, Andrew Kayiira, Aronda Nyakairima, Kazini, the
Irish Rev. Father Declan O'toole in Karamoja, and many others. There are
reports that Museveni killed Fred Rwigyema who had emerged as the defacto
leader of Rwanda Patriotic Front rebels away from Museveni's control. There
are even more reports that Museveni attempted the same on Paul Kagame once
Rwanda started asserting it's independence from Museveni after the 1994 war.
In Uganda people remember the sufferings and mysterious deaths of all those
who were against the lifting of term limits in 2005 like Wapakhabulo,
Kategaya, and many others who were systematically silenced to their deaths.
(Check link below for more mysterious deaths whose lives and property
Museveni saved)
Ignoring the voice of the people by conducting costly elections and then
rigging the polls to declare himself the winner after arresting, jailing
and torturing political opponents in the process, and infringing on their
freedom of movement. Then the endemic nepotism & tribalism in government
appointments including in all functions of the state like the police, the
civil service, and his tribal militia. Widespread corruption starting from
the top where he, his family and his cronies are reportedly enriching
themselves while the empoverished population looks on in tears of misery.
Some remember the empty promises of Bonna bagagawale, then prosperity for
all, then middle income status by 2017, then poverty will be eradicated by
2018, and now Operation Wealth creation where only his sympathisers receive
Meanwhile other Ugandans are made to forget their relatives and loved ones
killed by Obote and Museveni together. The remains were once displayed on
the roadsides of Luweero, Acholi, and Eastern region where mass graves
exist in almost all villages to this day.
We forget the graphic images of the Kasese massacre from that fateful day
27th November 2016.
I wonder if on that date next month, Museveni, his cronies, and his clergy
will take time to remember the poor peasants who were mercilessly
slaughtered by Museveni after first completely undressing them naked. Not
even the women and children were spared this gruesome humiliation before
being killed by Museveni.
Let's not forget the Mukura massacre before that, or the mysterious
genocidal killings by both Joseph Kony and Museveni in tandem across the
Acholi subregion? A new documentary titled "A brilliant Genocide" recounts
in detail the other side of the story, the Museveni massacres during the
Kony war.
The people of Karamoja had the misfortune of having gold discovered in
their region. Suddenly Museveni deployed his armed men under the excuse of
fighting cattle rustling. Cattle disappeared, the karimojong ancestral
lands as well, and now we have all the karamoja women and children begging
in Kampala streets 500 miles away. How they got there is a sad story of
greed for their gold-filled land and heartless human trafficking of
indeginous people. More worrying is that their men have all mysteriously
disappeared ever since the military deployed in Karamoja, and today we only
see the women and children begging in the streets. How many people did
Museveni kill in Karamoja will never be known.
Today opponents of the regime are seeing grenades being thrown in their
homes and on their sleeping children in the dead of night. The media is
called secretely and threatened by regime operatives that they will face
dire consequences if they host those political opponents in the media.
All international human rights organizations are filing report after report
complaining about the Museveni excesses. Western embassies are issuing
statement after statement expressing concern at the disturbing Museveni
trends. And here is Museveni still clinging on the presidency, all claws
out, and now trying to grab people's land after claiming that the nations
oil reserves are his personal property. These are some of the clearest
signs of insatiable greed and ideological meandering 31 years on. And he is
murdering people for it. Even banks that cannot keep up with his looting of
their coffers are immediately closed down and given to his cronies. The
same group of people who regularly cause a sugar crisis by hoarding the
product from the poor so as to increase the price and make profits from
self-engineered scarcity like they have always done in their quest to
sabotage previous governments.
I wonder how many more Ugandans have died because for 31 years the corrupt
Museveni regime stole life-saving drugs intended for health centers and
government hospitals so as to sell them in their private clinics.
How many peasants around the country have been violently evicted from their
ancestral lands by a greedy regime that took the only thing these humble
rural citizens survived on in their day-to-day struggle in abject poverty.
The truth is that Oboteism already creeped back to Uganda in it's typical
snake fashion. Its political child Museveni is now slithering alive and
still hungry for more in 2017 Uganda. With his apologists now struggling
for regime survival rather than taking care of the country as a real
patriot should. It might get worse as they sense the end coming closer and
seek to scramble for whatever they can while they can. Including as we see
today, the unscrupulous effort to buy time by changing the constitution.
I remember returning to Uganda in 1994. By then Museveni had been a
military dictator for eight whole years. As long as President Amin's entire
I recall military patrols every night in Kampala and LDU's shooting at
anything that moved after midnight. No electricity every one week. And it
would take another two years before he organized any elections. This he did
not because he wanted democracy but out shame for claiming to fight
dictatorship yet here he was a military dictator himself for 10 years. The
elections were simply designed to fool whites that he had some democratic
ideologies mind.
He turned democracy into a tool for clinging in peace so to speak.
With all the above happening under Museveni, aren't the dark days of
Oboteism already here? The events in parliament show that we have been here
before, and he himself might make it worse as dissent grows.
Today Museveni might have difficulty realizing how sad Uganda is today for
many. The entertainment that people run to is their only way of minimizing
mental depression caused by the Museveni regime.
How many Ugandans die every five years in the terror of the electoral
process because of the brutality of his agents? How many get bungled in
security vehicles driving at break-neck speed to secret safe houses known
to be torture chambers? Wasn't that the mode of operation of the infamous
Kalangala Action plan? How many Ugandans were hijacked, jailed, silenced,
their businesses made to collapse, their families left wailing in grief,
and their lives shattered in the same process every five years where
Museveni rigs the polls in broad daylight as all Ugandans watch, and with
the help of Kiggundu, other cronies in the Supreme Court, and others still
at large.
Remember how silent and depressed the country became last year when
Museveni basically announced himself winner of the 2016 presidential
elections. Not even a rabid dog celebrated on the streets of Kampala.
Museveni is the same man who years earlier had authorized operation wembley
that saw gunfire on the streets of Kampala on a daily basis. While we
thought criminals were being eliminated from society, it turns out his
cronies were secretely using the operation to "sort out" business rivals.
It is the same Museveni that attacked a neighbouring country, plundered
their resources, and caused the death of more than six million people.
Innocent men, women, children, the sick and the elderly.
No other African leader has ever slaughtered fellow Africans in such a way
ever. Ugandans now have to pay 10 billion US Dollars in damages to the
Democratic Republic of Congo because of Museveni's madness, his quest for
self aggrandizement and sheer greed. The ruling of the International Court
of Justice is testimony to this senseless massacre in the Congo where to
this day Museveni is still training, arming, and sending rebel's to try and
accomplish for him his evil plans across the border in another African
country that has never attacked Uganda. The same Museveni who then turns to
poor Ugandan youths to talk about pan-africanism, regional integration, and
protecting life & property. No wonder Kenya and Tanzania are not keen to
implement the East African political integration with such opportunists in
their midst.
Let us agree that if it wasn't for all the money that he is personally
making for himself by sending Ugandans to Somalia, would there be a Ugandan
in Mogadishu today? When the boys are killed he doesn't even pay his
respects to them like everybody else when they return in coffins at the
airport. What kind of Commander-In-Chief is that who is just using people's
son's and daughters endlessly his entire life from his FRONASA rebel days,
to his NRA Bush war days in the 80's, and upto today in the evening of his
The same person now arrogantly says that "any Ugandan who thinks I am their
servant is fooling himself. I am serving myself, my children, and my
How can such a person be popular anywhere on Gods earth?
Where is the patriotism that he was lying Ugandans about?
Let him show us just one shilling from the proceeds of the over 100
government companies and their assets including Uganda Airlines the pride
of the country, and Uganda railways, companies that he found fully
functioning when he came from Tanzania in 1979, but later sold to himself,
his relatives, and his cronies on the cheap through insider trading, and
thereby rendered hundreds of thousands of Ugandans unemployed and/or
homeless in the process.
Companies that he had already looted and mismanaged anyway because they
worked very well until when he and Obote returned together to Uganda, then
started their tribalist sectarian fighting mbu Southerners versus
Northerners. A conflict that resulted in 500,000 Baganda deaths in Luweero
alone, half of them reportedly killed in Museveni's orders, then probably a
million Ugandans killed in Acholi and Teso over two decades since 1986.
I hereby urge all Ugandan youths never to worship such fascist people
because it is this stupid Museveni/Obote ideology that fuelled all the wars
from 1980 to Joseph Kony.
Brainwashing today's youth might be easy but the truth always catches up.
The only reason their is peace today is because everyone has left fighting.
And Museveni is now left to fight himself. He is the only danger remaining
for the country. We know he can even invent an enemy so that he keeps on
being seen as fighting what has essentially become his own fallacies.
Surely as the age-limit debate gets back to parliament, we are likely to
see more oboteism troops on Kampala streets ready to clamp down on any
Ugandan citizen dressed in red, the protest color against the scheme to
shamelessly rape the constitution once again in broad daylight.
Yes Museveni's militia will be sent against his own citizens with excuses
of peace. But what about simply complying with the true will of the people
Peace is a society's state of mind. If it has to be enforced by a seige on
the people and their representatives, then the peace is a fallacy, a facade
that is hiding the mounting bitterness in society. Otherwise we would not see
these armed men on the streets?
Some legislators Museveni has reportedly already bribed, but those who have
refused his dirty money will surely find themselves being bungled in the
infamous dark blue van, and on their way to be dumped in rotting cells in
an unknown location. Isn't all that happening today? Yet Museveni is quick
to claim that Amin did this and Amin did that, malicious slander that he
has been practising for the last 45 years. I just sit there and say "Look
whose talking. Isn't this Obote 2.0?"
God protect Ugandans from the big dangers that Museveni is creating for
this country in the future just like Oboteism brought decades of war to
this country.

By Hussein Lumumba Amin
Kampala, Uganda.

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