MISSING PERSON: Rev. Isaac Bakka
(too old to reply)
Hussein Amin
2017-10-11 14:41:20 UTC
Rev. Isaac Bakka of Mukono has been missing since Sunday when he
mysteriously disappeared. A person reportedly invited him for a meeting at
a nearby restaurant/bar. He has not been seen again since.
Captain Bakka as we are used to calling him was the chaplain of the army
under President Idi Amin.
In all judicial cases of armed criminals who were caught abducting and
murdering people, and were therefore given the capital punishment, it was
the chaplain of the army who would conduct the FRONASA criminals last
prayer as the victims relatives made sure they came to watch justice being
served. The capital punishment was public. Not secretly. Including the
famous case of one "kondo" criminal called Tom Masaba who when asked by the
chaplain for any last words, he asked Ugandans to forgive him for his
Rev. Isaac Bakka also led the Sunday service in the army for Christian
soldiers. He was once the chaplain at Gulu airforce base.
He has discussed and written extensively about his experiences in the
Uganda army during the famous Israeli raid on Entebbe, the 1971 military
take-over that brought Amin to power, and also the 1979 Uganda-Tanzania
war. (Click this link for a list of his insightful stories in the Ugandan
press from an inside perspective: google.com/search?q=Daily+Moni
tor+Captain+Isaac+Bakka ).
The reasons for his disappearance last Sunday are still unknown but it
appears the man of God was trying to help someone locate an appropriate
building to establish a supermarket in Mukono town. He has also been
working as a media journalist.
Anyone who sees him or notices anything unusual, kindly notify the nearest
police station. The disappearance has allegedly been reported to Seeta
police station under SD Ref 25/09/10/2017.

By Hussein Lumumba Amin
Kampala, Uganda.


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