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Hussein Amin
2018-01-13 15:33:46 UTC
Photo: President Idi Amin greets the public before boarding the
presidential jet. (Credit: Alamy)

I remember that in the 1970's, it was Obote and Museveni who first
organized a "Tubalemese campaign" from Daresalaam. Basically efforts to
undermine the Amin government. The Luganda word loosely translates as 'lets
make them fail', right?
In fact the covert "Tubalemese" operations against Amin included a terror
campaign that assassinated and abducted the state elite. For eight years
they were busy trying to kulemesa President Idi Amin in vain.
They themselves say they failed mainly because "Amin was immensely
popular". A fact that therefore dismantles their claim of "liberating
If Amin was popular, then from who were they liberating Ugandans? They
therefore came to enslave and impose themselves on Ugandans instead. That
is the only reason for all the rigged elections since 1980.
In 1971, it is President Amin who had liberated Ugandans from a
little-known fascist leader called Obote. He is well known to Ugandans but
hardly anyone else outside the country has heard of him. Obote was the
person that no Ugandan wanted but these people still schemed tooth and nail
to bring the monster back in 1979. We all saw the result in Luweero and the
decade of economic collapse, anarchy, blood, human skeletons of poor
peasants everywhere, and the outright genocide/crimes against humanity that
ensued. Thank you Julius Nyerere.
But a few years after President Idi Amin, it was Obote's turn to be
kulemesa'd. And this time it was Museveni who had turned against his mentor
to do the kulemesaring on Obote. This went on until Obote was toppled in
1984. Museveni then continued with the okulemesa on the Tito Okello's who
had themselves also lemesa'd Obote. The Okello's were subsequently toppled
in 1986. They were having peace talks but in reality they were being
kulemesa'd using the peace talks.
By the way all of these people who have been kulemesaring each other since
1979 were once together as one in the Obote gang that was struggling to
kulemesa President Idi Amin.
History has a way of telling us who are the real criminals of Uganda that
have been masquerading as intellectuals and democrats.
By the way isn't Obote the one who introduced attacking the parliament,
changing the constitution to suit himself, assaulting a Kings palace and
massacring the people of the King across Luweero and greater Masaka?
History has been subtly repeating itself today and everything is
kulemesaring the Ugandan people.
However we finally now see the launch of a new "Tubalemese campaign" to be
conducted by the people of Uganda themselves.
You see, people are free to chose how, when and where they spend their hard
earned cash. So this okulemesa is reportedly now about boycotting all
businesses and companies that support the arrogant thieving corrupt regime
and its sycophants who are kulemesaring Ugandans from having the free
society they want, and the leaders that they actually chose.
I imagine that it also includes boycotting all the so-called "investors"
who finance and fondle the corrupt regime secretly at night at the expense
of the suffering of the people of Uganda. I am yet to see an exhaustive
black list of the targeted big companies and individuals. A protracted
nationwide boycott of all their activities until all the arrogance ends and
Ugandans finally have leaders who listen, abide, and submit to the will of
the people, isn't it?
I have always been wondering why the opposition never organized such a
campaign before? What has been preventing the Ugandan people from using
such a political tool?
If it is a nationwide peoples campaign, then it is the only legitimate
kulemesa boycott, and will therefore work.
So how do you translate "Tubalemese" in your language?