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Hussein Amin
2017-11-23 17:53:22 UTC
Fellow Africans,

The response by Rwanda to take in African migrants persecuted in Libya is
commendable. I also appreciate France's decision to urgently convene a UN
Security Council meeting on the disturbing development. President Macron
has rightly called it "a crime against humanity".
However, I would like the EU and Britain to own up to their role in
encouraging the brutality against African migrants in Libya.
What is happening as shown around the world by the media, is most probably
part of a deliberate policy by the European Union and Britain to discourage
Africans from crossing the Mediterranean Sea to Europe. The more the
suffering in Libya, the more some Europeans see the policy as successful.
Because in theory it means less Africans wanting to attempt the journey
after seeing what happens to fellow migrants in Libya. Remember that Libya
has in recent years become the defacto route for African migrants heading
to Europe. The new Libyan government is literally paid by Europe to hoard
them in place. This European policy confers upon Libya the duty of turning
migrants back to their country's of origin before they get out to sea. But
Libya is also tasked to first make their stay as uncomfortable as possible
so that when other Africans see what is happening, they will prefer to stay
in their countries. European governments in general see this as the best
way to discourage Africans from attempting to travel to the EU. Trust me
the EU will even rush to pay Rwanda to handle the relocation as quickly as
possible. They want Europe for Europeans, just as Robert Mugabe wanted
Zimbabwe for indeginous Zimbabweans, and Amin wanted Uganda for indeginous
Ugandans, right?

By Hussein Lumumba Amin