Brish Minister Resigns because He was late..Taking personal accountabilithy to a level never seen before in this world
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Charles Male
2018-02-01 03:33:19 UTC
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A Government minister and member of the House of Lords has dramatically
resigned after he arrived late to answer questions in the chamber.
Michael Bates was scheduled to answer a question from Labour’s Baroness
Lister at 3pm but was late and missed it.
He arrived at the end of the session and said he was “ashamed” of his
“discourtesy” and announced that he would be offering his resignation to
the Prime Minister.
Lord Bates then left the chamber amid cries of “no” from his stunned

January 31, 2018

The international development minister and former Conservative MP said:
"During the five years it's been my privilege to answer questions from this
despatch box on behalf of the government.
"I've always believed we should offer, rise, to the highest possible
standards of courtesy and respect in responding on behalf of the government
to the legitimate questions of the legislature.
"I'm thoroughly ashamed of not being in my place and therefore I shall be
offering my resignation to the prime minister with immediate effect. I do
Baroness Smith, Labour's leader in the Lords, responded after Lord Bates
has left, saying: